Breakfast Cereals & Bakery Products

It has been said that cooking is art but baking in science. Let our team of scientists bring your bakery products the characteristics that you want to deliver. Whether it is texture, taste or shelf life, we have the solutions to bring your product to market. Breakfast cereals, cookies, biscuits, pasta, artisan breads, specialty baked goods, flour fortification and more, we have deep experience. Bring us your toughest baking challenge and we will deliver customized solutions to meet your needs.

Primaria Nutrition offers the following Breakfast Cereals & Bakery Products:


Primaria Nutrition

100+ years of combined experience designing formulations

Extensive portfolio of soluble, dispersible and bioavailable forms of nutrient ingredients

Robust global supply chain



Our team has worked with vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, functional ingredients, nutraceuticals, botanicals and more. We source highest quality ingredients from our global network

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Drinks (RTD, RTM) 

Premixes for RTD and RTM Formulations Our experienced team can customize the perfect solution for your RTD or RTM offerings. Sourcing the safest, most consistent,

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