corn tortillas

GC Ingredients has successfully developed various liquid preservative systems and gum blend systems for corn based tortillas. Whether you are making corn tortillas or corn chips, or whether you are stone grinding corn or using corn flour, we have a solution for you to obtain the desired shelf life, the right texture, and a clean flavor. Our products are safe and easy to handle. We can ship to your location with competitive lead times.

Our Offerings for Corn Tortillas

Liquid Available in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon IBC totes or tanker trucks

GC Max

GC Protect

GC Strong

GC Concentrate

Available in Dry Form

Guar Gum

Enzyme Gum Blend EGB 07

Xanthan Gum

Dry Preservative Blend

Sodium CMC Gum

Anti-Staling Enzyme Softening Blend

Benefits of using GC Ingredients:

Manufacturing Process

Custom developed dough conditioners to meet your specific manufacturing process

Ingredients that Deliver

Ingredients that deliver shelf stable, frozen, or refridgerated fresh pita bread

Custom Developed Formulas

Custom developed formulas — low carb, low fat, multi-grain, gluten free formulas


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