Shaping the Future of Nutrition

We constantly innovate to provide affordable, aspirational, and accessible nutritional solutions.  We empower our customers’ products to change lives for better. We strive hard to create products that help solve the nutrition challenges through out the world. At Primaria Nutrition, you can create the finished product you want — while leaving the functional part to us. Utilizing our global network of highest quality and tightly screened network of ingredient suppliers, we will provide a custom solution that meets your needs. Our customized dry and liquid premixes are formulated to meet your exacting standards and are compatible with your finished product specifications. 

We deliver A to Z solutions

Breakfast Cereals & Bakery Products

It has been said that cooking is art but baking in science. Let our team of scientists bring your bakery products the characteristics that you want to deliver. Whether it is texture, taste or shelf life, we have the solutions to bring your product to market. Breakfast cereals, cookies, biscuits,

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Dairy Products

Functional Blends For Dairy Products Micronutrients,  Macronutrients and all types of functional ingredients, Primaria Nutrition offers custom solutions for your fortification needs. Our team of experts will formulate the precise blend that will meet your custom nutrition claims and deliver them within a sensory format to meet all of your

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Drinks (RTD, RTM) 

Premixes for RTD and RTM Formulations Our experienced team can customize the perfect solution for your RTD or RTM offerings. Sourcing the safest, most consistent, and efficacious ingredients from around the world, our extensive Product Development group can deliver the exact functionality that you require to work in the process

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Infant & Baby Food

Primaria Nutrition Blends for infant and baby foods No product is more critical or more important than infant and baby food. Our team has the expertise and experience to maintain purity and deliver efficacy. Our state-of-the-art lab assures that all testing is complete in-house and every lot meets all standards

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What Differentiates Us

Customer-focused mindset

Our team treats every customer and their wellbeing as their top priority.

Leading turn-around time

We are industry leaders in turn-around time.

Tailor-made solutions

Our products are safe and easy to handle. Moreover, we offer tailor-made solutions for each application


Latest Updates from GCIngredients and Primaria Nutrition

State of the art Processing plant

GC Ingredients Announces the opening of Primaria Nutrition’ brand new and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.  Specifically designed and built for precise formulation and blending of Nutritional

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