Food Preservatives and blends

Gc Ingredients is a leading manufacturer food preservative blends in liquid and dry form. We make  anti-microbials for tortillas, cakes, breads, and meats based on the required shelf life and manufacturing processes.

GCI offers the Preservative blends

Liquid blends for corn flour tortillas

GC Max
GC Strong
GC Protect
GC Concentrate

Liquid blends for meat and poultry

GC Microstat – A
GC Microstat – B

Liquid blends for cakes

GCI kake
GCI Glaze

GCI offers the following Liquid Salts

Liquid Sorbates
and Benzoates

Why GCI?

In-depth expertise and experienced scientists

Team with a customer-focused mindset

One stop shop for drum-to-hopper formula

Facilitate on-time tech support

Tailor-made solutions for each application

Stringent quality program

State-of-the-art blending and processing capabilities

Industry leading turn-around time

Offer in-house and 3rd party testing

Offer custom packaging


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Food preservatives

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