Shaping the future
of Bakery/Tortilla Industry

Create the finished product you want — while leaving the functional part to us. Utilizing our global network of highest quality and tightly screened network of ingredient suppliers, we will  customize a solution that meets your needs. Our customized dry and liquid premixes are formulated to meet your exacting standards and are compatible with your finished specifications.  Our formulations will improve stability, tolerate heat, and eliminate undesirable flavors and odors.  Our bakery and tortilla solutions will deliver standardized and measurable quality that maintains integrity in every processing environment and improve shelf life.

If you can bake it, we can help you improve it – from bread, buns and tortillas to cereals and bars. Our baking experts work closely with industrial bakers, bakery manufacturers and millers around the world to create products with great taste and texture – and that are healthier for both people and planet.

We deliver A to Z solutions

Wheat protein

Wheat Proteins consist of: gliadin and glutenin, the two insoluble protein groups. It creates a well-balanced elastic and extensible texture to achieve high level of dough strength which is very crucial for tortilla, bread and noodle making. Our wheat protein products can create texture and effect that are highly desirable for baked goods. Contact Us

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Liquid salts

GCI offers refined liquid salt which is produced by eliminating the alkali and metal ions and standardizing its chemical and physical properties. This solution does not consist of any physical contamination. Liquid salt is an ionic liquid, and ionic liquids have many exceptional properties that make them perfect for industrial uses.  Contact Us GCI offers

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We offer native and modified starches from corn, tapioca, and potato. We know starches are very complex, so we’re here for you. We can recommend the right starch for your specific needs — based on processing conditions such as time, temperature, ph, moisture, and more. Contact Us GCI offers the following starches: Native and Modified

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Gums and Stabilizers

GCI offers various gums.  Based on the application whether it is bakery, dairy or any other application, we are able to offer the best combination of gum or gum blends to you.  Please feel free to reach out to discuss your needs. Contact Us GCI offers the following gums: Guar Gum Xanthan Gum CMC Gum

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Customer-focused mindset

Our team treats every customer and their wellbeing as their top priority

Leading turn-around time

We are industry leaders in turn-around time

Tailor-made solutions

Our products are safe and easy to handle. Moreover, we offer tailor-made solutions for each application


Latest Updates from GC Ingredients and Primaria Nutrition

State of the art Processing plant

GC Ingredients Announces the opening of Primaria Nutrition’ brand new and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.  Specifically designed and built for precise formulation and blending of Nutritional

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